Gobbledygook Dickens style


Our clt Mr. Jarndyce being abt. to reve into his house, under an Order of the Ct of Chy, a Ward of the Ct in this cause, for whom he wishes to secure an elgble compn, directs us to inform you that he will be glad of your serces in the afsd capacity.

We have arrngd for your being forded, carriage free,pr eight o'clock coach from Reading, on Monday monring next, to white Horse Cellar, Piccadilly, London, where one of our clks will be in waiting to convey you to our offe as above.

We are, Madam, Your obedt Servts,
Kenge and Carboy

Charles Dickens is the supreme satirist of legal gobbledegook, and in Bleak House he is merciless. I'm enjoying it, even though reading on an iPhone gives me migraines.

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