Writers' blogging block: just habit

How alarming! My blogging rate has slowed down from lively to sluggish. This must change.

Sure, I had excuses. In the last couple of weeks I've launched a book which involved a certain amount of effort and publicity (Scarlet Heels: 26 Stories About Sex) and I've rehearsed and performed in a dance show (Crows Feet: How to be a Domestic Goddess).

But everyone has excuses when their work slacks off. I'm wondering how to ensure this deadly silence doesn't happen again — unless on purpose, as when we're on holiday.

My only strategy is to have a stash of draft blog posts, especially of tips. (In theory, we publish two tips per week.) This strategy fell to bits when we ran out of tips-jpegs. But that is just one more excuse. What right-minded writer has only one strategy to overcome writers blog block?

All I can say to myself and you is Sorry, sorry, sorry!

I enjoy blogging but if you break the habit, suddenly there goes one more week... one more week... one more week.

As my granddaughter observed about breathing, "Once you start, you have to keep going." Quite right, Elsie.

I will pull up my socks. I will do better.

Image: Fabric cupcakes by Jennifer Holdaway. Compensation prize.
Elsie poem: You want to breathe

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