12 features of sustainable corporate training

Everywhere, every day busy professionals are writing more and more and more than ever before in the history of the human race. Most have never been trained to write modern business English, let alone trained to write for content management systems or search engines.

They all need training. These are not skills you learn intuitively.

But the effects of random training in business writing can evaporate quickly. If you train only a handful of staff, inevitably they leave or change jobs. Untrained people step in and mess up the good work. The training may be retained by the individual but it's lost to the organization.

Enter a new star: sustainable corporate training!

12 features of sustainable corporate training

  1. Very inexpensive. Make that very, very inexpensive.
  2. Fast and efficient, teaching only the essential skills with maximum impact.
  3. Generic, transferable skills that apply to every genre of business writing and all relevant ICT technologies.
  4. Productive, with an obvious effect on the quality of corporate writing.
  5. Flexible: staff can study where and when it suits them.
  6. Reaching a large percentage of staff, or a bunch of at least 200.
  7. Easy administration for managers.
  8. Minimum disruption to workflow.
  9. Easily renewed, adjusted or updated every year.
  10. Mandatory for all new staff members and available year round to others.
  11. Able to reach large numbers around the world at short notice.
  12. Changing corporate culture, not just individual staff members.

Sustainable training reaches a tipping point, where good writing becomes the norm instead of the exception.

Sustainable training in international business English is our speciality.
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