For goodness sake: a Ruby poem

Ruby washing the kitchen floor.
For all you know I spend my entire life blogging, working on the Contented business, and tweeting.

But I am a poet too, and I have a sudden urge to publish a Ruby poem right here. Ruby is one of the names used by one of my granddaughters. She's very interested in language, and I learn many things from her.

This poem is a rhapsody on the phrase for goodness sake. I hope you can hear the relish with which Ruby articulates the phrase-of-the-day, and the drama-queen exasperation.

For goodness sake
For goodness sake (says Ruby)
I know how to spell AND.
You don't have to write it
in fancy writing.

For goodness sake,
I know how to spell A.
It's just one letter.
That's how we spell it at school.

Marie said, "What's that tattoo
and can I have one too?"
and I said,
For goodness sake, no!

It's already ruined.
I washed it and it's blurry.
For goodness sake,

More Ruby poems hidden away here
I don't think Ruby can spell terraqueous yet.

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