Christchurch at Christmas: not fair!

We love Christchurch.
Just as we prepared to pen a little Christmas message to you, along comes the news of yet another whopper earthquake in Christchurch.

We are so sad for all the brave people who have toughed it out for the last 15 months and were looking forward to some well-earned rest and relaxation.

All our own 47 relatives in Christchurch are fine and have carried on showing that amazing Cantabrian communal spirit and resilience.

But I feel an overwhelming urge to yell at the heavens, 'Not fair! Not fair!' (In fact, I just did.)

We send waves of love and concern to the city of Christchurch and all who sail the stormy earth in her.

Alice and I are off duty until 4 January. Meantime we wish all our lovely customers and helpers an easy, happy holiday season — do your best, at least.

And here's to a new year that is calmer, safer and sweeter than 2011.

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