Golden opportunity 2012: long live the cliché!

Golden opportunity is a cliché, but the phrase is now speaking to me from my office whiteboard, alongside the reassuring Don't Peak Too Soon.

My 2012 tag golden opportunity is certainly overworked: page #1 of Google results showed web sites on World of Warcraft, an investment fund, a recruitment and training company, community development videos, politics, sport and shopping shopping shopping.

Confession: my friend dealt me 3 Goddess Oracle cards for the new year, and one of 'my' cards was Yemanya, goddess of golden opportunities.

Disclaimer: I do not believe a real goddess spoke to me. I see the cards as random thoughts that we can personalize into a piece of advice from us to us. Like astrology and weather forecasts, a playful aid to planning or problem solving.

So when I saw the words golden opportunity, I quite logically applied them to the year ahead: the business of Contented, a fourth grandchild on its way, a stage production of Scarlet Heels, whatever. Made sense.

What I didn't expect was for this phrase to start popping uninvited into my mind. I wake up and think, today is a golden opportunity to be alive. (I'm not dead like Fred.) Walking to the kitchen I think, this is a golden opportunity to walk barefoot on my soft carpet. And so forth. Wait—wait—I think I'm getting a message!
Right now is a golden opportunity to do exactly what you're doing.

This new year of 2012 is a year of golden opportunities. I don't want to miss a single one. Not just big opportunities, like a business breakthrough, but also tiny opportunities, like noticing sunshine on the clothesline. And the most enormous opportunity of all is being alive, not dead.

May the new year be a very fine year for you, all year long. I have a hunch it will be.

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Feb 13, 2012 • Posted by Raewyn Perry

Hello Rachel – Loved your blog about the Golden Opportunity cliche! Is it possible to use this clever little piece of witng in our ‘Elderberries’ Magazine? this is a bi-monthly publication which is publiched by the Horowhenua District Council to address our Positive Ageing strategy and is jam packed with ideas for seniors (50+) to keep them connected to services, opprotunites and items of interest in their community. Have a look on our webiste under the tab community and you’ll see a copy. Looking forard to your reply so I know whether we’re ok to publsih this delightful blog. Many thanks

Feb 13, 2012 • Posted by Rachel McAlpine

Raewyn, Of course it’s absolutely fine to use this article. I know you will acknowledge me by name, and the web site. All best wishes.

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