How do content strategists benefit from Contented courses in accessible web content?

Recently a content strategist sent us an interesting enquiry about our online courses for staff content authors.

I was browsing your courses for authors and I was wondering if you also offered online courses specifically for content strategists.

I can certainly see how your author classes could be of help to a strategist, but I currently do very little writing, and courses that aren’t specifically targeted at strategists won’t be easy to sell to my manager.

Right now we don't have any courses expressly for content strategists, although they are certainly on our radar. (If we only had time...) Meanwhile the current Contented courses are a useful addition to any content strategist's CV, for the following reasons.

Content strategists will be guiding, supporting, supervising and training staff writers. Contented courses are invaluable for this role. Strategists need to be able to see the challenges of web writing from the point of view of staff who produce content for the organisation's web sites and intranets.

Why Contented courses specifically?

  • Contented is probably the only instantly available training that straddles web writing and the modern ICT skills needed by every content author, no matter what their subject area.
  • Contented sifts through the 68,000 words of WCAG 2.0 and delivers the key information that is needed by staff content authors—and which most are unlikely to learn anywhere else.

What will content strategists learn that they don't know already?

(We're talking about a highly sophisticated bunch of online professionals here!)

  • The more you know about online content, the more you may underestimate the bewilderment of intelligent staff members in a modern online environment. They signed up as policy analysts or HR officers or office managers, not as online writers. Contented shows you what they need, at an appropriate level.
  • You'll get insights into the mayhem done by untrained content authors to the accessibility and usability of a web site or intranet. They can undo all your good work: best you understand how this happens.
  • You'll get an overview of all the challenges of writing in the digital workplace.

All about Contented online training for content authors

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