How to fix a frozen MacBook Pro keyboard

How to fix a frozen MacBook Pro keyboard: prop it up.
How do you fix a frozen keyboard on your laptop?

Apple has confessed to keyboard and trackpad problems on the brand new MacBook Pro with retina displays. But hey, my MacBook Pro is two years old. The problem surfaced when I upgraded to OS X Mavericks.

Suddenly you can't type. So you can't search the web for answers. You can't email your friends. You can't tweet about it. OK, no big deal if you have a smartphone or tablet or emergency computer. Unfortunately, most of the suggested workarounds seem to require frequent interventions and preferably a resident geek.
Someone noticed the problem disappeared when he used his laptop in bed. Excuse me???


So I propped my MacBook Pro on each side, and presto! (touch wood, cross fingers and rub your lucky charm) the keyboard has been working ever since.

No guarantees! It's just another workaround. Come on Apple: sort this out.


Nov 26, 2013 • Posted by Rachel McAlpine

Yes, it’s so non-tech it is almost esoteric. I have always been a Mac user (well, since 1985) so I cannot compare Word on the two platforms. I doubt any of us use it to capacity. I adore my MacBook Air for travel and special purposes, but hardware fashions change hand over fist. Be careful not to tip any data out of your HP…

Nov 21, 2013 • Posted by Sandra Clark

Love your non-tech solution! Do you find Word for Mac works as well as the Windows version, Rachel? I’m thinking of replacing my unreliable HP for a Macbook Air. At present I’m using Word 2010 on Windows 7 and it is very useful. Maybe I should try tipping my HP from side to side!

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