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To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2015, FixTheWeb has produced an excellent animated video on web accessibility. Of course, the video is itself a model of accessible media.

If you need to explain to top management why your website or intranet needs an accessibility overhaul, why not show this clear, calm, friendly little video?

It's so non-threatening!

It uses plain language!

It's even (sorry) cute.

And before your beautifully accessible design and technology are sabotaged by non-compliant content, train your content authors. 

Accessibility is going to be a problem forever, if your writers don’t know what to do.

Settle them down with the Diploma in Accessible Content.

This diploma covers the skills for producing text, graphics, titles, headlines, summaries, links and PDFs that are accessible.

It cuts through all the technical jargon and explains exactly which standards writers are responsible for — and why.

It takes about 10 hours, and it’s very good value.


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May 22, 2015 • Posted by Fix the Web

Thanks! Don’t miss the webpage that goes with the video: “Accessibility Tips to accompany our “Make Technology Work for Everyone” video”. People who’d like transcripts can find them there, and there is also an expanded version of the script with more information, and links to resources, organisations, and tools that can help people get started.
Really pleased the video is going down well!

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