Plastic Bag has it both ways

In his blog Plastic Bag, Tom Coates starts every topic with a super-long bit of link-text. That means every link is left-aligned and easy to skim-read. That's also smart. It's unusual to find a blog that doesn't spatter links through prose, because blogs are typically written at speed in a casual style. Nobody much has time to think about the pain of F-readers, which is pretty much everyone who doesn't have a problem with literacy*. But Tom Coates has it both ways: quick and casual writing that is still skim-readable.

*Not a misprint. Yes, it's people who have trouble reading who tend to read content word-by-word instead of skim-reading.
Plastic Bag

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Jan 31, 2007 • Posted by Boîte noire » Archive du blog » Les petites choses utiles du mardi, vol. 44

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