Woody Allen's spam names

Mere Anarchy is Woody Allen's first book of short stories for 25 years, maybe for a good reason. Very funny sentences, characters mere cyphers. For a non-New Yorker, even a fan of his movies, it's hard to get involved.

But what great names he gives his characters. Worthy of the automatic spam names generated by the mighty spam name generators.

  • Flanders Mealworm
  • E. Coli Biggs
  • Pontius Perry
  • Hammacher Schlemmer
  • Murray Zangwill
  • Fabian Wunch

and so forth.


Jul 20, 2007 • Posted by Gurukarm

Funny names indeed. I don’t know anything about any of the others, but Hammacher Schlemmer is actually the name of an upscale mail-order catalog “offering the best, the only, and the unexpected for 159 years” as their website says. It does sound spam-my in the context though, doesn’t it! Makes me wonder what that character is like – I guess I’ll have to pick up the book and see!

Jul 20, 2007 • Posted by rachel

Here’s the story itself on The Telegraph. Featuring the internet in a minor role. I guess this kind of link will expire before long, but as I write…


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