How long is a blog entry?

Recently two highly successful people have given unflinching advice on how much to write at a time.

First off the block on 9 July was Jakob Nielsen. We respect him, don't we, mostly?

Nielsen's article Write articles not blog postings was right out of whack with today's thinking. What a grumpy, arrogant title! It implies, Do it my way. Everybody else is wrong.

But the deliberately provocative, 2341-word article is definitely worth reading for its perspective. Nielsen differentiates between two different types of site. His own is one of the elite, expertise-driven sites which contain considered, structured, authoritative articles. (That's why we like them.)

Blogs, by contrast, have postings that are short, variable in length and quality, and often ill-considered. (That's why we like them.)

A day or so later, Richard MacManus was quoted in the Dominion Post. We respect him too because MacManus runs the 34th most popular blog in the world, Read/Write Web. One of his tips: Update daily at least. Fast and frequent blogging isn't an easy option. Most fail. As Macmanus says, success requires:

a whole lot of hard work, knowledge and passion about the topic you're blogging about, patience, and some 'being in the right place at the right time' luck.

Subtitles for the advice from Nielsen and MacManus respectively might be:

Long articles demonstrate expertise and attract paying customers


Very frequent passionate blog postings on a single topic demonstrate expertise and attract investors.

Write articles, not blog postings




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