Unemployed in B*ngl*d*sh? Write web content

abc-bangladesh.jpg"A good option for the unemployed" is the title of yesterday's article by Md. Farooque Hossain Kamrul in the Daily Star.

The tone surprised me until I realised the Daily Star is based in B*ngl*d*sh, where I imagine Kamrul's advice is appropriate and valuable. When I visit Ch*tt*g*ng next January I hope to understand the background and implications of this kind of article.

The internet has opened new doors of opportunities and web content writing is one of them. The question is what content writing means. Well, any writing based on a specific subject is content writing. And when it is web-based it is called web content writing.

Another headline is ICT for disabled:

Persons with disabilities in B*ngl*d*sh lag far behind the mainstream development because of their disability as well as of our socio-economic and cultural realities. Hence, ICT can be a significant means of bridging this gap. ICT can be compared to a magic stick that will help our disabled people jump forward if utilised in a coordinated, planned and appropriate manner. A well-coordinated and collaborative effort is a must in order to create the optimum ICT accessibility for these people.

How blessed we are in New Zealand.

The Daily Star: web content writing; found at www.thedailystar.net<.p>

P.S. Why the cryptic code and the lack of a link? Ever since this item was posted, we have been flooded with spam. Hm.

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