What do I know about cell phone use?

y-shortcuts.jpg Nothing. I thought I'd carry on using mine as just a cute little phone that I can only find by phoning myself.
Deloittes gave the Hollywood Reporter the findings of their October online survey of wired Americans, which won't be officially released until next month. (Now why would they do that, I wonder?)

Anyway, I noted (before Spyware alarms were set off while I was on Hollywood Reporter):

About 38 percent of U.S. consumers are watching TV shows online, 36 percent use their cell phones as entertainment devices and 45 percent are creating online content like Web sites, music, videos and blogs for others, according to a new-media survey from Deloitte & Touche.


About 20 percent of consumers said they are viewing video content on their cell phones daily or almost daily.

Note the phone-size popup window from Yahoo. Just when I thought I could nod off ...

Yahoo News: Americans more wired 

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