Web censorship proposed in Australia


AUSTRALIANS with internet connection could soon have their web content automatically censored.

The restrictions are planned by the Federal Government to give greater protection to children from online pornography and violent websites.

So reports Lachlan Heywood in the Courier Mail. If this plan proceeds, the onus will be on the ISP to prevent users from accessing prohibited content. The Australian Communications and Media Authority will prepare a "blacklist" of unsuitable sites. Those wanting uncensored access to the web will have to contact their ISP and opt out.
This is a turnaround. The previous government had offered free internet filtering software for home computers. The default position was uncensored access.

Chairman of internet user group Electronic Frontiers Australia, Dale Clapperton, said:

China, Burma and Saudi Arabia and those type of oppressive countries are the only ones that have seriously looked at doing something like this

But now we can add Japan, one of my favourite places and surely not an "oppressive country": it seems their government proposes censoring even cell phone calls.

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