Intranet innovations 2008

James Robertson knows intranets as nobody else does. He and StepTwo Designs are behind the brilliant annual awards for Intranet Innovation Awards. Note the difference: this is not about naming the best intranets in every sense, but about acknowledging innovative projects, large or small, with a big impact on the intranet's functionality, communication and collaboration, frontline delivery or business solutions.

Intranet management teams are generally isolated, and may depend on developers to show the big picture. The goals of the awards are:

  1. to celebrate the great work done by intranet teams across the globe, to give them the recognition they deserve
  2. to find [new] ideas, whether large or small
  3. to share them with the wider community.

Winners and commended entries came from Canada, Switzerland, Australia, USA, UK and Germany.

With typical generosity, StepTwo Designs provides a 30-page executive summary of the whole report, packed with facts and screenshots. It's exciting and it's free. But if you are seriously involved in intranet development, you won't begrudge the US$189.00 for the full report.

Intranet Innovations 2008

Just by the way, the summary starts with a crystal clear IP statement in plain English.

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