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Seven decades, seven lessons for writers

I’m gearing up for Vancouver’s PLAIN2013 conference in October, and getting a bit excited. All the speakers have been asked to answer three questions for the conference blog:

  1. Why is plain language important in your work?
  2. What is your presentation focus, and what are some of the key points participants will learn?
  3. What is the best plain language advice you can give?


An author's just-in-time strategy for the Frankfurt Book Fair

OK, it's a well-known fact among my friends that I (Rachel) am going to the Frankfurt Book Fair. (Along with 280,000 others.) My excuse: New Zealand is the Guest of Honour and my excellent, outstanding, frivolous book Scarlet Heels: 26 Stories About Sex is in the New Zealand Society of Authors' catalogue.

What's my strategy? It's been slippery but finally, two weeks before the event, I'm getting my head straight.

  • Have a great time and go with the flow.
  • Stop, look and listen: the Fair is an information machine.
  • Find a publisher or agent or both for Scarlet Heels, but never mind if I don't.
  • Gather information relevant to Global English for Global Business.
  • Get over myself!