Another miracle from Google

Mrs Palin Reads a Naughty Story. Cover.

I had planned to keep this a secret, partly through laziness, partly because I have no idea where it's going: I'm using another blog for some fun with fiction. You see I've written a fun book called Mrs Palin Reads a Naughty Story and it's ready to be sold as a package. But hey, my agent has gone AWOL and the world is in financial meltdown, in case anyone didn't notice. And sitting around waiting for responses from publishers is never an option. It's paralysing. And so bad for the ego.

The book consists mainly of 26 arousing tales for a polite Merivale lady, Mrs Zoe Palin. Erotica with finger bowls, you might say. They are written, ostensibly, by one Viola Green. Ms Green is somewhat mysterious journalist and technical writer. I hardly know her myself. And she is now revealing her side of this unusual contract.

Of course, I'm still on topic here, because I'm exploring the way that web content can market a product (a book). But to be honest, I'm writing Viola's blog just for fun. Until now, I had told exactly two people the URL. I only started it about a week ago and only yesterday I put a link to the blog from my web site. So I wasn't exactly soliciting readers.

Here's the surprise. Yesterday I googled "Mrs palin story" and found my blog at number 2, of around 3 million pages.

Too bad, it has disappeared again today. Maybe because I used a certain word. But let me see if I can whisk it back on to page one. Just for fun.


Oct 23, 2008 • Posted by Andy Chilton

What you’ll find is that Google gives a higher rank to the things that are new. I’ve done this before where my page showed up, ever so briefly, on the first page of results, only to slide down (and into oblivion?) forever.

I wish you the best of luck for your new venture :-)

Oct 24, 2008 • Posted by rachel

Thanks Andy! I’m encouraged by your comments. And by the fact that a web site I put up a few months ago is still at number two for certain common keywords, e.g. “plain english government”. Mind you, I understand that not everyone sees the same results on Google. But fingers crossed! (

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