Get back on that horse

Gentoo penguin running through muck

Here's what I've learned: once you stop blogging, it can be hard to start again. It's two weeks since I got back from holiday. Come to think of it, that's not long, and I have had a few excuses (for myself). But it feels like ages, because of the GUILT. But hey, how hard can it be to do what comes naturally, namely blog?

Years ago I slid off a mad fat mongrel horse as it tore through gorse and blackberries. I landed with a helluva thump and I thought I was paralysed. My future life in the Burwood Spinal Unit flashed past my eyes. But I was just winded, and eventually picked myself up and got on that gross animal and continued the ride, as prescribed. (Get back in the saddle, they say. In this case there was no saddle.)

This morning I considered gentoo penguin dashing urgently through the muck and snow, and felt humbled. So here I am, back in the saddle again. Good morning.

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