Coming soon: chartered ICT professionals

New Zealand has been lagging behind other countries with a certification programme for ICT professionals. By the same token, joining late means we can be sure to sync with other countries so that the NZ qualification will be recognised internationally.

Here's the context:

Accountants have "Chartered Accountant" certification, lawyers and doctors are accredited by their professional bodies. Engineers have Certification. Yet until now, ICT professionals have not had access to professional certification, in New Zealand at least.

Now it's coming at us more like a train than a committee. Action:

One area of interest will be the Fast-track Process, where it's proposed that all full NZCS members, MNZCS and above (as at the launch date of the programme) will have the opportunity to be considered for rapid adoption. Members will still need to show they meet the requirements and standards, however the process will be streamlined (and at a reduced cost).

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Recently I trawled through the SFIA framework and checked that web editors do have their place among ICT professionals. When the draft plan appears next month, my beady eyes will be busy for the same reason. Don't leave web content editors out! Imagine getting credit for your knowledge, experience and professional nous. That'd be nice, wouldn't it?

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Feb 13, 2009 • Posted by David Wood

Hi, it is good to see that interest is building. With regard to web content editors or any other discipline, the NZCS programme is designed to be inclusive, not exclusive. Having said that, certification requires a reasonably high level of education and/or experience and a committment to professional ethics and conduct. It will not be available to everybody unless these can be demonstrated. But don’t lose heart. Using SFIA, in the longer term, it should be possible to have interim steps to certification and something to show that efforts in education, training and application of those skills and knowledge is valuable and valued. This is all about raising the bar for everyone in the ICT community. Kia kaha. David

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