Your web content: the elves won't fix it

Elves sewing shoes.

Strange, isn't it, that so many companies and government organisations will cheerfully spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on a content management system for their web sites and intranets...

  • when the content is shocking awful and likely to stay that way
  • and when their staff honestly don't know how to improve the content
  • and when the cost of training their writers would be mere pocket money
  • and when they've already got a training budget that would easily cover the cost.

What are they thinking? That the elves will come in the night and rewrite their content?

Listen carefully: it's not going to happen.

Four reasons why staff content writers need to be trained:
1. All content is either an asset or a liability.
2. Correct editing at least doubles a web site's usability.
3. Well written content strongly influences search results.
4. Plain language dramatically saves money and time.

OK, I'll make it easy for you with an ad.

Five reasons why you should choose the CONTENTED Diploma in Web Content:
1. It's quick (10 hours) and convenient (online).
2. It's instantly useful, with clear rules for content editing.
3. It's up-to-date, with practical real-world examples.
4. It's brilliant, beautiful and fun.
5. It's absurdly cheap: only NZ$300 inc. GST per person, with major discounts for groups.

Grab the chance to start fixing your content now, with a training system that will work. Your web content and intranet content will not fix itself.

And sorry, darlings, there are no elves. Or if they do exist, they're far too busy making shoes to fix your web content.

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