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Communication superpowers. That's what you need these days.

Whatever your day job, if you're any kind of knowledge worker, communication skills are essential. Without good writing skills you may not even get the job you want, let alone be promoted. We know that, and yet, strangely, you may never have had five minutes' training in basic plain language or business writing.

Chances are you've got a university degree or an equivalent qualification. You're top of your game, be it accountant, lawyer, manager, ICT professional, scientist, teacher, company director, designer or business person. The quality of your writing has never been a problem up until now (as far as you know).

OK, fair enough. But now you're aware that some of the things you write are appearing on web sites or the company intranet. You want them to be found by search engines. You want people to notice them and even read them, darn it! And it's just not as easy as it was before.

Suddenly, ordinary communication skills are not enough. To be found, noticed and read, you need the Contented communication superpowers.

But how? You don't have time to spend a whole day at a professional development course! However, you can manage 10 hours over the next three months, no problem.

Buy the CONTENTED Diploma in Web Content -- you need it now.

The CONTENTED courses are brilliant, like you, so you'll get along just fine. As another bonus, this may well qualify as part of the annual training quota which you require to maintain your professional status. Check it out.

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