Customer feedback: they know more than we do

Feedback box.

Knowing the strengths of your own business can be surprisingly difficult.

Exactly what do your customers like about your product or service? Sure, they say they love it and they keep coming back for more. But why? What do they like? Is it something you're proud of, or something you didn't even realise?

That's why customer feedback is so precious.

Today we received the following feedback from a new graduate, Christine Toner. Christine is a marketing coach, skilled at analysing the strengths and weaknesses of a product. So her feedback is especially valuable to us.

Christine's summary:

"Contented gave me skills, experience and confidence in a short study period. It is a unique and immensely powerful training programme that enabled me to write a clean, clear website on my first attempt. My writing style and my thinking processes have changed for the better in everything I write now."

The whole story:

"I learned enough in the first Contented module to give me confidence to get started organising the content of a client’s website. I allowed  about an hour to complete each module and I found myself getting really excited about doing the next one.

The material is easy to read, and I was surprised how much I knew when I took the short test at the end of each session.  

Every day I found myself critiquing other people's web content  — even brochures and reports!

When I had completed ten modules, and applied what I had learned daily, our draft was well organised, the text was tight, the links were in. Then, with even more confidence,  I went in again with a 'knife'.  My editing skills had improved so much that I could easily make my own work even clearer and more convincing." Christine Toner

Thank you, Christine! We've learned a lot.

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