Who buys CONTENTED online web writing courses for staff training?


Who buys our online courses to train their staff in writing for the web?

Public sector 52%
Commercial companies 31%
NGOs and not-for-profits 6%
Education sector 19%
Health sector 6%
Social services sector 6%
Professional associations and unions 6%
New Zealand clients 75%

The statistics above refer only to corporate purchasers, not to the numbers who study the courses. Initially, our corporate clients may train between 3-100 staff web writers; around 40% return to train even more staff.

You'll notice the percentages add up to more than 100%. That's because clients may be listed in several categories — for example, some government-owned agencies are commercial companies.

Statistics show our courses reach those who need them most. Our first 10 courses are intended mainly for knowledge workers who write for intranets and web sites. On the whole, that's exactly who studies these CONTENTED online courses.

Besides these corporate clients, many individuals purchase CONTENTED online courses in writing for the web. They are typically small business owners or professional communicators such as editors, PR specialists, or journalists. They're not included in this small statistical analysis.

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