Signing off for Christmas

When I find myself lost for words or even ideas... it's time to sign off for the year. Blogging is fun, satisfying, interesting. Personal satisfaction is the main reason why people blog, according to a study whose name and web site elude me. I find that easy to believe.

But come mid-December, the joy has gone.

The sun is shining -- and sun has been the missing factor in Wellington this December.

The children are still in school, meaning the shops will be kind of accessible. My gift list is short but important.

My home is in chaos, too, with the lovely painters working in the bathroom. No shower, no dishwasher. Odd job man coming any minute to fix Leak No. 18.

My heart is broken because my kitten died of FIP. I'm getting over that, but I'm a vicar's daughter so I need every excuse I can drum up before I stop work.

Surely that's enough excuses?

Blogging? Tips? I'm signing off for a short end-of-year break.


Dec 18, 2009 • Posted by Lisa Kunde

Hope you enjoy your time off and have a fab Christmas.
I look forward to more blogs next year.

Dec 18, 2009 • Posted by Rachel

Thank you, Lisa! You too, have a wonderful Christmas. Luckily, it’s not too late to say the same thing to all our readers. We (Alice and Rachel) wish you all happy holidays. We hope you have a delicious break from work, and return revitalised.

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