12 jobs open to a trained website editor

Dole Queue, 1930s.

To many people, training as a website editor still seems irrelevant to their working life. Even professional editors don't always get the point.

So we thought we'd list some of the positions that open up to someone trained as a website editor. Different clients will certainly use different definitions, but after you've gained a Diploma in Web Content, you can answer advertisements for these jobs with a fair bit of confidence:

1. web content editor
2. web content developer
3. web content manager
4. online journalist
5. corporate blogger
6. social media content provider
7. intranet content developer
8. intranet content manager
9. online learning and teaching (teachers)
10. developing online teaching materials (teachers)
11. SEO copywriter
12. internet marketing copywriter.

Some of our graduates have scored their ideal jobs immediately after finishing the Diploma. That always gives us a special glow!

A Diploma in Web Content is not just a handsome, colourful certificate to hang on your wall or an addition to your CV. It gives you confidence that you can handle jobs that involve web content. And that's priceless.

People also do many everyday writing jobs more competently after completing the Diploma in Web Content, for example, these ones:

1. technical writing
2. instructional writing
3. public relations
4. corporate communications
5. scientific and professional writing
6. copywriting and copyediting
7. business writing and editing
8. policy writing
9. report writing
10. plain language writing.

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Jan 22, 2010 • Posted by Joanne

I clicked on this heading with excitement thinking that finally an organisation was advertising for someone with skills like mine…no such luck, just a blog post marketing Contented training. Is that a misleading heading???

I’ve seen very few web writing jobs advertised since I first learned web writing several years ago; the handful I have seen were based in Wellington. I suspect that web writing skills aren’t yet highly valued.

Jan 24, 2010 • Posted by Rachel

Well, Joanne, I’m sorry if this misled you. These sorts of jobs are often advertised as contract work, and many are online work-from-home jobs. I hope you’re actively following newsletters from a web sites like http://writerfind.com, because a great many web writing and editing jobs will only be advertised online. Best of luck!

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