Bloggers beware: typos in cyberspace

An eagle-eyed reader, Justine, spotted a bunch of typos in my archive of articles about writing web content — oldies but goodies on this web site:
Quality Web Content

Justine says she can be "fussy and pedantic", and got A+ in Professional and Technical Writing. Lucky for me. She spotted, among other things:

  • A repeat that looked like a stutter: "a a logo..."
  • Missing spaces after a full stop: "the font.Suddenly,..."
  • Redundant word: "the tutorials thinking planning to..."

That's the risk when you write, edit, proofread and publish your own work.

As all bloggers do, pretty much.

So thanks, Justine! The beauty of blogs is that fixing typos is done in seconds. It's as easy as fixing spelling mistakes in chalk graffiti, thank heavens.

I rember (sorry, remember) the bad old days when to "cut and paste" over errors literally involved a pair of scissors and a glue stick.

And now for all the other things Justine noticed, especially broken links...

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