Real work beats busy work

Real work first.

Ever felt like this? Overwhelmed with so many urgent small jobs that the big ones never get started?

I only realised this was my life after the cloud lifted.

Time management was part of the problem, I suppose, although heaven knows, I do achieve plenty.

But isn't that the way with you too? Other people look at you in amazement. They wonder how you manage to achieve so much. They regard you as Superman or Wonderwoman.

You know there's a certain amount of truth in the outsiders' opinion, but even so, you feel more frustration than satisfaction. Time is a-wasting because you take so long over small items. You feel as if weeks go by while you're just running on the spot.

Of course we can't just rebel and stop doing every single one of those time-consuming little jobs. For me, they often entail learning something new. Now, I'm not averse to learning and learning and learning all my life. But I resent the need to become a do-it-yourself muddle-through this'll-do competent in a difficult field which has thousands of experts. I prefer to know just enough to sensibly monitor the work of those experts.

The main reason I'm crawling out from under that big black to-do cloud is that Alice and I have engaged Louis Goodier to take over some important work where he is indeed expert.

Welcome aboard, Louis! And now let me start on that REAL WORK. For me, that's writing new courses and presentations, and marketing and business development with Alice. Maybe even writing a blog entry... Not dusting lampshades or ironing doilies. And certainly not JavaScript.


Apr 22, 2010 • Posted by Robert

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Study while you work

May 06, 2010 • Posted by the money paradise

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