Bonus training for a young web designer

Farewell old desk.

Hi Rachel

Thanks for that. I've had a torrid week.

Thinking about your web course for my daughter Tracey who wants to get into web design. I forwarded your last newsletter to her. What more information does she need in order to decide – anyone she might chat to?


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Hi Andrew

Good to hear from you and at least the week is over. Almost. Nice thought for me too! In a minute I'll get myself away from my beautiful new electric stand-up desk and into the sunshine. Just to go to the post office, but hey!

The main thing your daughter needs to know is that for a few lucky people, the Diploma in Web Content is half price until Sunday afternoon. A rare promotion is running this week, as revealed in the newsletter.

Yes, she should grab this opportunity without dithering. The courses are fresh, fast, factual, friendly and fun. It's not a big decision and she cannot lose.

Web designers are frequently obliged to write web content, because web content is the very last thing the client ever thinks about. They think their content will write itself in 10 minutes and requires no special skill — even though they can recognise horrible web content at 100 paces, and they see it every day! Delay in writing content is way the most common reason for any web project falling behind schedule.

Doing the Diploma also gives insights into text design, and certainly helps when dealing with clients!

I'd be delighted to chat with Tracey if she has questions: phone numbers on the web site.

All best wishes


P.S. The photo is a farewell shot of my old desk: bought second hand in 1995. I wrote at least three books on that desk. Even so, good riddance.


May 28, 2010 • Posted by sandy


Apr 23, 2010 • Posted by Nate

That’s a bit unfair. I follow your blog and read each new post, but you only put the promo in the newsletter?
Can we blogreaders have details too, please?

Apr 24, 2010 • Posted by rachel

All the details are in the video on our home page, there’s still time and room for you to benefit, don’t worry. We do love our newsletter subscribers, and we’ve tweeted about the offer several times. However, I totally understand why busy people would follow Contented on just one outlet, the blog: that’s very discriminating of you, and a smart time-management strategy! Thank you, thank you, please don’t stop! Next time we’ll synchronise announcements in the blog and the newsletter more closely, so that loyal blog readers like you get the message fast.

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