Blog shorter, blog more often, blog happier

How big is a blog post? Any length we please.

an hors d'ouvre: three lines of links.
a bowl of soup: 200 words.
a satisfying salad: a full length feature article.

It's all good! Except maybe...
A disgustingly large steak with chips: One big lump without mercy.

But we have personal patterns and habits and right now I'm fighting my own. For me, writing is primarily an act of discovery, and only secondarily an act of communication. So I like blogging: it's a treat.

My natural impulse is to regard a blog post as something rather substantial. But why do I always have to make such a meal of it?

The result is, again and again I think a Great Thought which I feel like exploring further. Oh dear, no time, no writing, no nothin'. And the blog stays dormant, pulsing and heaving with thoughts unspoken.

What's more, this is a business blog, a strategic blog intended to be useful to people interested in web content and writing in general. So it has become a bit too narrow for my own pleasure.

For these two reasons my pleasure in blogging has frankly been shrivelling. Solution: I've "decided" (so help me God) to write less and write more frequently. I don't think quality will suffer at all. And I will suffer less.

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