Notes from today's (Times of) India

Ohama-Ghandi t-shirts on sale in Delhi.

Daily newspapers delivered to my hotel room: The Times of India, Economic Times, and Delhi Times. I think it's all one newspaper. Lively, stroppy, no censorship here. This is a newspaper with attitude. And the online Times of India is a warm and moving body.

Good news in today's Times of India

  • General satisfaction with the Obama official visit and charm offensive, but any sycophancy is hard to spot.
  • Tigress gives birth to five cubs in Madha Pradesh's Pench Tiger Reserve.
  • Eunuchs to get a monthly pension of 1,000 Indian rupees from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Medical certificate and proof of unmarried status required. 'Eunuchs belong to the deprived section. They hardly have any employment opportunity, and when they get older there is no way to make ends meet."
  • NZ and India cricket teams arrive in Hyderabad after the exciting first test in Delhi: a draw that was far from dull.

Sad news
2-column public notices include a Hue & Cry Notice for a 1-day old girl baby missing from Gyne Ward LNJP Hospital, New Delhi.

Debatable news, opinion

  • Full page ad "Facts about Organising Committee, CWG" corrects false reports about the Commonweath Games budget, from the tender process to the Revenue raised to the cost of toilet paper: one roll, 38.50 rupees.
  • Feature article questions the morality of India's tolerance of Myanmar.
  • Daily panel Sacred Space and daily article on spirituality—on the editorial page.

Photo: TImes of India US President Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi-themed T-shirts are seen on display at a store in New Delhi (AFP Photo)

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