Contented online courses in web writing: an ever-expanding target market

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Contented online courses in web writing: what's the target market? We thought we knew: knowledge workers in government, education, NGOs and the professions, plus people working in communications, HR and IT. All these people need web writing skills, and Contented online courses cater to them perfectly.

But our idea of the typical Contented customer was way too constrained. Everyone who hears about Contented online courses has their own idea about where the need for training lies—and they're all different, and all true.

I'm in Delhi to look at the market with fresh eyes, and to listen to other people.

For example, I'm told that world-wide, SEO article writing is outsourced to India. Hence in India are certain mammoth content producing companies, employing thousands of content writers. Their job is to write maybe 30 blog articles per week for a single web site, as SEO (and therefore article writing) is a never ending task. Gagan Virmani suggested that if all these SEO writers did the Contented online courses, they would write better, and would understand why search engines give extra credit to good writing.

Then I met Rahul Dewan of Srijan Technologies, a Drupal whizz who helps large magazine web sites to upscale as they grow larger. He deals with librarians, journalists and scientists. We mused about the benefits of Contented online writing courses to these content authors.

The two groups of content writers could scarcely be more different, could they? Yet just 10 hours concentrated study would help all of them lift their game considerably. Result: higher quality SEO copywriting, and more accessible, usable, scannable, findable articles in science magazines.

Sometimes we're asked to produce a customized course for a big customer. The answer is always going to be no. And if the same course benefits a professor of ecology and a writer of routine articles for an SEO content company, I think we've got it covered, don't you?

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