Books from India: God, fantasy, marriage marriage marriage marriage

The bookstore in Pune Airport uses space cleverly. There's hardly any room to browse inside, but the glass walls are showcases for best sellers.

I'd been warned that India was a booklover's paradise. Despite offloading 4 of my own books and tactfully leaving a couple of thrillers at the hotel, I returned with an even heavier suitcase.

My first acquisition was unexpected: Loving God by Baba Virsa Singh. I visited the community he founded and was inevitably interested in the religionless God he celebrates. Salman Rushdie's fable for his second son is perfect time-out reading. A couple of Indian chicklit items by Farahad Zama and Rupa Gulab charmed me on the long plane trips home. Aruna Jethwani warns me up front of her stern intentions: Socio-religious issues have been my main concern. Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay looks to be more "literary".

Topics? God, fantasy, marriage, marriage, marriage, marriage.

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