India STC: yes, India needs short, online professional training courses in writing web content

The STC (Society for Technical Communication) India 2010 Conference in Delhi last week was excellent. Well organised, great people, nice venue, interesting talks—which can be viewed or reviewed after the videos are posted online.

People people people. I lost count of those who were interested in Contented and myself. (You and I know who you are!) Meetings began gently on Tuesday with the New Zealand High Commissioner. There's no place like home.

Wednesday I met Rahul Dewar (left), who specializes in helping large scientific magazines to upgrade their Drupal systems and become even larger. On Sunday Rahul took me to Gobind Sagan—thanks Rahul!

Gagan selected himself very effectively as the first Contented sales rep. in north India. He found us by doing the Contented Diploma in Web Content, and as a Kiwi himself takes pride in promoting Kiwi businesses in India. I'm not sure how I would have coped at the conference without Gagan holding the fort, or rather the Contented stand. Thanks Gagan!

Thank goodness I decided to write a report to myself and to Alice each day. Otherwise my first trip to India might all be a bit of a blur! My camera was playing up, either to emphasize that spacey sense of alternative-reality or to persuade me to buy a newer, smaller, cheaper better camera than this one. I'm old, I'm tired, says my Canon Ixus. And you expect me to capture India? Give me a break. (Tell me about it!)

Then the conference began. Michelle Cherian, the 2010 President of STC India, Rajdeep Gupta, the new Chapter President, the STC committee and an army of volunteers and STC committee members made "a dream come true", as Michelle said. Alice and I hope to work closely with STC India from now on.

As for the entertainment evening, which Contented sponsored, that was a blur for other reasons. Wild dancing was pretty well mandatory. Great, bring it on!

As an entry point to start making ourselves known in this huge continent, the STC India conference was an excellent choice. Thank goodness, I got the message loud and clear: yes, there's a hunger here for the kind of short, online professional training courses in writing web content provided by Contented.

So that's it, folks. We've taken the first step in a journey of 1,000 miles. And it's all good.

Rachel McAlpine
Rachel McAlpine


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