What to read when you've got the flu

Plain language journal Clarity, Romance novel Brazen Bride

So, I've got the flu, or whooping cough, or a bad cold, or something. Anyway for the first time in years I have spent 2 days in bed. (OK, I got up, I'm at the computer — please don't tell my lovely big sister Jill.)

What have I been reading? Before getting sick I had two things on the go:

  • Clarity: Journal of the international association promoting plain legal language. This issue is crammed full of papers about plain language standards, and invites me as a reader to contribute my vote on issues such as: Decide whether the standard should be: Option 1: elements-based, detailed and specific to a single language. Option 2: elements-based, less detailed and not language-specific. Option 3: solely outcomes-based. Option 4: tiered, including elements as mandatory and outcomes in a second tier. Option 5: integrated, mandating both elements and outcomes. Um, er. I'm very grateful for the working party for narrowing down the issues, but I can't even finish a sudoku at the moment.
  • The Brazen Bride by Stephanie Laurens. Fiery, tempestuous, a queen in her own realm, she rescues a warrior—only to find her heart under siege.

So which one did I choose? No contest.

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