Intranets2011: messages for Contented

I was so glad I attended the Intranets2011 conference in Sydney last week.

  • As Jane McConnell says, this is make-or-break moment for intranets.
  • Intranet teams in Australia and New Zealand are our main clients.
  • Every office block is crammed with people using intranets.
  • Social intranets mean every intranet user is a potential content author.
  • The definition, terminology, technology, and functions of intranets are radically changing. The very word intranet may disappear.

For all these reasons and more, Contented needs to provide new and different training for intranet users. We knew that and we're already on the case: but there's nothing like being plunged into presentations from intranet experts and leaders to rub it in. Every presentation was relevant and stimulating.

The offices across the road from the Amora Jamison Hotel look pretty much the same as offices have done for many years. But that's an illusion: it's now a mobile, social, digital workplace. Today's intranets suffer from exactly the same problems as yesterday's intranets: content overload, content ROT. New workforce skills are required to save the modern intranet from itself, and our mission (which we choose to accept) is to provide those skills.

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