Bread-and-butter pudding and The Filter Bubble: video

Hey, your own web site shows at the top of search results! Not so fast: Google or Facebook has shown you exactly what you want to see. Rachel talks about the impact of data gathering plus personalization, trends described in Eli Pariser's 'The Filter Bubble.


Sep 22, 2011 • Posted by Rachel McAlpine

Thanks, Christine. I’ll be watching developments with interest. The Web is adaptable and I hope to see a popular push for transparency and control over our own data.

Sep 22, 2011 • Posted by Christine Toner

A thought provoking video blog, thanks Rachel. Nice presentation too. I will go wild on Stumbleupon, perhaps – select a few topics outside my comfort zone. In a way, that filtering is helpful, but its potential is rather alarming I agree.

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