The value of good business coaching: extreme

Good business coaching pushed our business ahead when we needed it.

Business coach Karl Baker made us aware of many things outside the ken of a typical start-up owner. He did this by being 100% on our side, and yet objective. He acted as cheerleader and held us to account. He asked many open-ended questions, gave us homework, had practical business advice on the tip of the tongue, and finally passed us on to a business mentor. He is not our coach right now but remains a trusted friend. We often ask each other, What would Karl say?

  • Sales techniques (Ask people about their business. See if you can solve a problem for them. Ask if you may contact them again in a few weeks.)
  • Customer service (Ask how things are going. Help people. Respond promptly.)
  • Business goals (3 months sales goal? Where do we want the business in 6 months? 5 years?)
  • Awareness (How do you feel about the business? How are you getting on together? What needs celebrating? What needs changing? What needs appreciating?)
  • Self-care (How are you? No, really?)

Last night Red Hot Business Coaching held a New Year's party. Partner Mark gave a little speech which sums up the company's style. He said a client rang at 3.30 p.m. to say he was almost living the dream. Why? He didn't mention that his company's turnover had doubled in the last year. He said he had just got back from the pool, and had recently bought his son a puppy. Nice!

(The very silly photos were taken at a photo booth at the party. That's Karl.

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Feb 11, 2012 • Posted by Kristina

Simple, really, when you put it like that. If only more businesses (and groups that don’t think of themselves as businesses) made a point to stop and think about these things regularly.

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