Contented: a proud New Zealand company

Many people do our online courses in digital business writing without realising that Contented is a New Zealand company.

Of course our corporate clients are well aware of our location.

But if your boss says, “Do this business writing course tomorrow,” you just do it, right? You don’t read up on the company. You just want the knowledge.

New Zealand is a skinny little country far away from everywhere except Australia and the Antarctic. It doesn’t have a clear, overarching brand that’s recognised throughout the world. But people who know us tend to share certain impressions.

We travel a fair bit and we have customers in more than 50 countries. But we certainly are proud Kiwis, and typifies many aspects of the New Zealand way.

  • A little wee company that achieves results out of proportion to its size
  • Awesome scenery — meaning our web sites and books!
  • Innovative and creative
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • A No. 8 wire mentality (making stuff and fixing problems with simple materials close at hand)
  • Friendly people

We would never claim to be 100% Pure. That’s just inviting disaster. I suppose we would all have to be virgins, for a start. (What were they thinking??)

But we’re Kiwis through and through.

Image: Porirua City

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