How much is a web writer paid?

Hi Rachel!

I am a student in Writing for the Web here in Nashville Tennessee. My teacher is Endora Feisk. We are using your book, Write me a web page Elsie. I asked my teacher about what a person charges for web writing and she told me to ask you? So I am wondering if you can answer that question for me? Thanks and I appreciate your answer.

Have a jolly day now,
Diana M Cook

Hi Diana

Good to hear from you! I often think of the students using my books around the world and wonder who they are.

The answer to your question varies hugely according to the way you place yourself in the market, the career path you choose.

Here’s an excellent table showing the rates various writers and editors are getting around the world. (BTW $0.10 means 10 cents per word.)

US pay scales for appropriate jobs:

As an unknown freelance web content writer, you might see jobs offering anything between $3 (yes truly!) and $50 per short article.

Want some career advice?

  • If web writing is your primary skill, aim for higher status jobs as a web content editor, technical writer, or (eventually) content strategist. Reframe your CV for each job application.
  • Develop a speciality.
  • Do freebies and start your own blog so you build a portfolio of content: that’s the main thing employers want to see.
  • Steer clear of extremely cheap jobs: there’s an industry of web content writers who basically are paid to write rubbish, just for short term gains in search results.
  • Foster relationships: two or three regular clients can produce an income.
  • Any job that requires “excellent communication skills” requires web writing skills.

If your work is in marketing, communications, PR, editing, or web design, those skills are essential. You’ll be paid according to your job description, and web writing skills will be a huge plus on your CV.

Best wishes and have fun.


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