8 benefits of CONTENTED headlines

Writing page headlines the CONTENTED way brings multiple spin-offs, all positive. By the CONTENTED way, I mean the way taught in our course for web writers. These page headlines are clear, complete, accurate, front-loaded, long-enough, concise (and that's no contradiction) — in other words, they're plain language in action.

These are some benefits of a CONTENTED page headline. No doubt you can think of others.

  1. People get the message at first glance. They know what the page is about without reading another word.
  2. The page is focused on one topic, one purpose. It has to be, or it's impossible to write a proper page headline.
  3. The page is structured for skim-readers, with the essential information at the top. No scrolling required.
  4. The page headline establishes trust and boosts credibility because it is a clear guide to the content.
  5. The page headline works perfectly as link-text.
  6. It also works as metadata.
  7. It also works as an HTML page title if followed by the site owner's name.
  8. It also works as the link in search results for an internal search engine.

Fix web and intranet headlines, and you'll fix a lot of other things at the same time.

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