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I was wondering whether podcasting had gone Web 2.0. And sure enough, there's a lovely New Zealand site, BigPod.co.nz, where you can make and publish podcasts without having the necessary software on your own computer. BigPod asks politely whether it can access the microphone (and camera if you have one) on your own computer. Within seconds I created a memorable audio file and made it available to the world.

Then I deleted it. The content: a sweetly sung testing testing testing ... I didn't test the editing facility. Naturally as an alternative you can upload your own audio and video files, but the BigPod system is exquisitely simple.

BigPod: DIY podcasting made easy

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Jul 20, 2007 • Posted by NZ made podcasting service « Learn Online

[…] Friday, July 20th, 2007 in free range, podcasting A new connection to me – made via pingback comment, is with New Zealand blogger Rachel at Contented. I quick scan of her recent posts reveals a pointer this this little beauty – BigPod, a New Zealand podcasting service. We need more of these services in God’s Country… according to the IT support guys here, our bandwidth costs are more and less reliable when we post and drag content from foreign servers. So – provided BigPod keeps in servers on home turf, this Podcasting service might be a more reliable tool. […]

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