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If ever you thought content writing the most despised and scorned of professions... if you suspect your skills as a writer are tragically undervalued... go to the content management forum at Digital Point to have your worst fears confirmed.

Warning: these quotes may damage your health.

1. On Jan 30 2006, Kalius wrote:

In need of unique content writer

I am in need of some unique content, Please PM me pricing, examples, How long it wuld take you to fill a 5 article order from the time you are askes, and topics you prefer writting about.

right now these are the general topics (actual articles have an specific topic) I need articles for:

Online games
Credit Cards
web hosting
others to come...

2. On 1 February 2006 Scriptillusion replied:

I have wrote a script that dynamically rewrites articles on your article web pages.

I know what your thinking.... The grammar of the rewritten articles is correct and cloaking style sentences

3. On 2 July thn87 asks:

Best Unique Content Writer (Question)

What is the best ghostwriting software that produces understandable and flaunt results with little to no mistakes ?

4. On 3 July 2007, Galaxyl replies

Wow ... is there one? Any one that exists would be the best, I would think

The best content editors/spinners require you to write alternative snippets and then they mix them around. It is quicker than rewriting a whole article but could not write an article from scratch for you.

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Jul 08, 2007 • Posted by Martin Schell

I feel for these people. Really, I do. They’re stuck with this messy thing called WRITING which came into the world millennia ago and will go away as soon as techies invent a method for wiring one’s brain directly into a text-generating program. Then the “figure out what I mean, do it quickly, and don’t charge me much” folks won’t have to write “snippets” to give to their editors and rewriters.

Seriously, though, people who consider writing and editing to be a form of clerical work that deserves little time, effort, and budget tend to be people who don’t have much feeling for what consumers want.

When I worked in Tokyo in the 1980s, technical writing and translation were considered to be production skills akin to typing. (American companies had similar attitudes a decade or so earlier.) Editing and rewriting became respected in Japan when manufacturers discovered that people wouldn’t buy their cameras and other equipment if they couldn’t read the instructions.

Those who value communications with consumers tend to value writers and editors as essential links.

Jul 09, 2007 • Posted by rachel

How true. I expect the people quoted above are essentially small, greedy businesses, and that government, universities, big businesses and manufacturers take a different attitude. Nevertheless it’s all a bit scary.

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