Victory to Kiwis in 24-hour challenge

Both [tag]FullCodePress[/tag] teams performed amazingly but...

The CodeBlacks have won FullCodePress! In an extremely close decision, the judges have gone with the New Zealand team. Judges commented on how well both sides have performed, especially given the nature of the competition - clients they’d never met before, 24hr deadline and incessant interruption to be photographed, interviewed and videoed.

ourvoice.gifCheck out the instant web sites, and hey... as well as other virtues, notice the beautifully clear, accessible, jargon-free writing on the Kiwi team's site. It had to make a difference in this neck-and-neck marathon.

The Kiwi instant web site for Grampians Disability Advocacy Association
The Aussie instant web site for The Ripple Effect

Rachel McAlpine
Rachel McAlpine


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August 26, 2007


Thanks for your kind words about our winning web site’s content. I’m glad the hard work paid off! (It was a lot of fun as well of course…)

Writer – Code Blacks

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