Tip: Bad WYSIWYG buttons — text decoration

Tip: bad WYSIWYG buttons: text decoration
Do you use a WYSIWYG for writing web content? That's short for What You See Is What You Get.

You'll be tempted to use those magic buttons that change the appearance of your text. Text decoration buttons make the text on your web page bigger, smaller, in a different colour, font or size.

Examples of WYSIWYG text-decoration buttons:
font size Color text

These buttons are a bad way to decorate the words you're writing. Why? Because if you change the appearance of text on a whim, the page will start to look messy. Even worse, it will look different from other pages on the web site.

The web site should have a recognisable look and feel. For instance, all level 1 headlines will be a particular colour and size.

Just making text bold does not turn it into a headline. Instead, write text in the proper field for headlines. Then it will look like a headline and act like a headline.

Page design is the job of designers. If you're writing text for a web site, keep things very simple.

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