Career development training for copywriters: ROI critical

Yesterday an experienced creative copywriter emailed us, hesitating over whether to do the Diploma in Web Content: Core Skills.

Should Geraldine take the plunge and do 10 hours of career development training online? Or would that be a wasted investment of USD239?

Her email follows.

Hi there — I'm interested in your diploma course — but it's quite pricey — can you send me more examples of what I get for the money?

Difficult to make a decision on the snippet you sent.


Here's how we answered Geraldine, knowing that thousands of other experienced copywriters need the up-to-date writing skills we teach. Their professional training budget is small, and they can't spend rashly on career development. Return on investment is critical: but how can you be sure you have found the training you need?

Hi Geraldine

We have heaps of sympathy for you if you're having difficulty finding the money for our diploma course: these are tough times, we know that. (On our side, we have reduced the online USD price as much as we can, given that the NZ dollar has risen by about 33% since we originally priced our diploma.)

In the end, embarking on any professional development course does involve a leap of faith. University courses don't provide a sample, and for a face-to-face course, it's no different. You study the summary of the curriculum, and decide whether the course is worth it. In the case of Contented, you get to see about 3/5 of one course, knowing you'll do 10 courses in the Diploma.) From the free sample you have probably grasped that a Contented course may seem light-hearted and fun to do, and yet it successfully teaches a great deal of information.

We can only show you the kind of response we get every week from our new graduates, for example, 'The best investment I ever made.'

One way to get a better assessment of the diploma course is to take a single course for US$50.00; we recommend Keywords Everywhere. This punchy course would show you just what you can expect from the 10-course Diploma in Web Content. And the content is terrific: you can use the information immediately in every kind of writing you do—not just web writing. You will find it enlightening, even though you work with words professionally every day.

We hope to welcome you into our community of contented customers very soon! We've never had a single customer say they regret taking the diploma yet.
And naturally Contented courses are fully guaranteed.

Have a great day.


Rachel McAlpine
Director, Contented Enterprises Limited online courses in web writing and business communication
Twitter: aliceandrachel



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Jul 28, 2011 • Posted by Christine

Hear hear. Geraldine – and any other would be Contended students – you will never regret doing these courses. They are full of practical information and provide you with practice opportunities. By the end you will already have modified your writing habits. These are transformational courses. I would like to see them part of the high school curriculum, they are so valuable. The price is cheap for what you will get out of them.

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