Social media certificate training for business owners, freelance writers, copywriters and communications professional needs in the UK, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia
Social media certificate training for business owners, freelance writers, copywriters and communications professional needs in the UK, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia Professionals complete the Certificate in Social Media Writing and earn 5 hours of CPD for your CPD record in the UK, USA, Australia, NZ, Canada, India, Singapore, China and Malaysia

Certificate in Social Media Writing

Instant training for tweeters, bloggers and newsletter writers — 5 online content marketing courses


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Course overview

Certification endorsed by CPD Standards Office.  5 hours online study.  Study on mobile phone, tablet or desktop.  100% money-back guarantee.

A quick way to train yourself and staff to write and manage social media content. In 5 hours, discover what you can achieve with a blog, a Twitter account, an email newsletter and some key online writing skills. Accredited CPD qualification.

This popular certificate shows how to use social media strategically and get the results you want. Equivalent to a one-day introductory training programme.


Contented social media courses, digital marketing courses and content marketing courses are amazing says freelance copywriter and technical writer, Vinod from India


You will gain:

  • a professional development certificate (PDF) accredited by the CPD Standards Office, London
  • 5 hours CPD for your records
  • introductory techniques for writing social media content with impact
  • strategies for successful blogging, tweeting and newsletters
  • up-to-date skills that you can use across all social media
  • takeaway course materials.

    Certificate curriculum: 5 x one-hour courses

    1. Twitter for business: Understand Twitter and start the right way. Learn what to tweet about and how to write tweets that influence an enormous, friendly community of customers, colleagues and competitors.
    2. Starting a successful blog: Learn why blogs are now essential for successful businesses; how to develop a strategy; how to write influential blog posts, and universal guidelines for bloggers.
    3. Writing email newsletters: Discover the secrets of popular, powerful email newsletters. Write newsletters that get opened, make an impact and achieve results.
    4. Writing web headlines: Use headlines in social media to grab attention and influence search results in blogs, tweets and newsletters.
    5. Writing for search engines: Improve search results just by the way you write. Know the principles of SEO copywriting as they apply to blogs and all social media, including tweets.

      How this Certificate works

      Audience: Business owners; communication professionals; marketers; journalists.

      Prerequisite: None, apart from a computer and internet access.

      Qualification: Professional development certificate (PDF) in social media writing. CPD credit: 5 hours.

      Time and place: Distance learning. Start any time. Study online: your place, your pace.

      Duration: 5 hours study. You can access the social media writing courses for 90 days from the time you first log in.

      Assessment: 5 online tests.

      Authors: Alice Hearnshaw and Rachel McAlpine, respected specialists in digital content, are the course authors. Rachel has taught in Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand and Singapore.


      Online programme accredited by CPD standards office for accountants, lawyers, engineers, vets, doctors, nurses and other professionals who must complete continuing professional development   Contented has a 100% money back guarantee for CPD Certificate in Social Media Writing 

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