Dare (conference) by name, dare by nature

Bags packedI'm packed ... ish. Leaving tomorrow, with the DARE conference 2014 in London my first destination.

Don't those bags look neat and compact? Are you impressed by my time management skills?

It's an illusion. In my head is chaos. Smothering my desk are three highly significant tasks to be done by the end of the day. And a list of  important last minute jobs that won't be done.

All will be well. The moment I check in, I'll relax, as you do. And I can look forward to a swim in the Dubai airport en route.

At DARE, I'm especially looking forward to talks by Jasmine, Keri and Roz, who worked with me in advance under Jonathan Kahn's guidance. 

Jasmine Probst: How to stop being an expert

Keri Maijala: Falling apart mindfully: how to keep working in times of crisis

Roz Duffy: How to create safe spaces to learn and grow

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