When web accessibility goes down the drain

WCAG 2.0 and S.508 go down the drain
We work with many government agencies on web accessibility. And sure, our whizz-bang accessibility experts can get your web sites to comply with national web standards, whether that's S. 508 or WCAG 2.0 or some other variation. So what's the problem?

Initially, compliance is a project. "Get this mess sorted!" says the boss, and that's the easy bit. 

Trouble is, accessibility is not a one-off project 
Typical scenario: you make your site comply with S508 or WCAG 2.0, but six months later, the site is crammed with inaccessible content. New text, new images, new templates, rogue PDFs — all created by people who don't even know there's a problem, let alone how to fix it.

The problem that never goes away
By now you are the staff accessibility expert, but you can't possibly edit every piece of new content. Nor should you! So before long, accessibility goes down the drain. 

All web and intranet managers have an ongoing, enterprise-wide problem with accessibility: ignorance.

A sustainable way to salvage accessibility
Train all staff content authors. This will impose consistent standards, give staff confidence, and stop them from perpetually undermining your good work.
Our on-tap, online courses are ideal for this training.
  • Minimum fuss with admin.
  • Start any number at any time. 
  • Control quality of online content.
Find the training solution that fits your situation best
Or contact us to discuss your accessibility challenges 
PS Sorry about the pun.

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