Headlines are crucial for mobile content

Jakob Nielsen's latest Useit article gives yet another reason to write brilliant headlines: headlines are crucial on sites designed for mobile devices.

After being optimized for use on a mobile phone, a simple web site displays complete headlines instead of just the first 2-3 words.

Showing longer headlines may seem counter-intuitive when space is so limited. Why 'waste' precious screen space on a complete headline?

Actually, a well-written headline is worth its weight in titanium. On mobile, it gives readers more clues about the information they're chasing, and a bigger target for the finger tap that takes them straight to that information. On all web sites, a well-written headline is juicy food for search engines, a boon to the CMS, and an instant summary for busy human readers.

One thing doesn't change with the environment: the usefulness of headlines depends entirely on the skill with which they're written.

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